Officially established in 1967, The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation is committed to donating more than 70 million dollars to educational and non-profit organizations in Hawaii. New developments, buildings and complexes at the University of Hawaii, Maryknoll and Saint Louis School are just a few of the significant contributions the Foundation has made to the community in recent years.

Prior to utilizing Upspring’s services, the Foundation had literally no digital presence. We carefully walked them through the design and development process and launched the official Foundation website.

With a new found comfort in the digital space, the Foundation initiated an annual poster, essay and video contest — “Inspired in Hawaii”, which encourages Hawaii’s keiki to share their artistic talents and “dream big to make Hawaii a better place.” Finalists and winners are submitted and posted on the website for everyone to enjoy.

Our sister company, Watermark Publishing, published “A Prophecy Fulfilled: The Story of Clarence T.C. Ching” — a biography chronicling Mr. Ching’s life and legacy, from his early childhood and first business ventures to the charitable works carried on today by his Foundation.