Pizza Hut Hawaii was looking for a new online ordering system to better serve its hungry customers.


To build a holistic understanding of the digital pizza business, we immersed ourselves in company workflow and operations. We learned all about what drives a customer's decision to order a pizza; planned events and spontaneous purchases - influenced by a savory image from a TV commercial or a botched dinner with a hungry family. We sifted through Pizza Hut Hawaii's Google Analytics, reviewing user-activity metrics and click-patterns on their site resulting in data-driven decisions and recommendations. Needless to say, pizza lunches and dinners fueled our developers as they tackled this project!


Pizza is a complicated business! Multiple combinations of crusts, toppings, specials and promotions complicated the system architecture and design process.

Throw in having to interface the web application directly with Pizza Hut Hawaii’s point of sale system and statewide payment processor, creating a seamless ordering experience across desktop and mobile devices, as well as designing the site to follow new brand guidelines during the biggest brand overhaul in the history of the pizza chain - we had a huge task on our hands!

Final Product

We not only built a new pizza ordering system, but also developed and implemented some slick tools including a mobile responsive pizza builder, a rewards and loyalty program application, and a flexible specials manager which allowed administrators to easily setup and configure any online promotion. Feeling hungry? Check out Pizza Hut Hawaii.

Our goal was to build a pizza system that would increase sales.


In the first 6 months after the new site and ordering system launched, total transactions via Pizza Hut Hawaii's site have doubled.

Online Transactions DOUBLED


Online and mobile orders have increased exponentially.